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Sharing some faves!

I recently took up Shepherd.com on their offer to make a list of the Best Books Weaving Adventure and History–and yes, one of those titles is non-fiction–because history itself is often an adventure! This list includes a few of my … Continue reading

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Freebies and Kindles and Bookbub, oh, my!

If you’re looking for a fun way to help a bunch of authors, and get a chance to win oodles of mystery and thriller novels, including mine, then here’s the post for you! Generally, I do one of these every … Continue reading

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The Dragon Eater–new from J. Scott Coatsworth

and a chance to read Scott’s short story collection, free! Every once in a while, I hear about a book concept that just sounds like too much fun! Check it out… Raven’s a thief who just swallowed a dragon. A … Continue reading

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Flying in with a New Adventure!

Hello, friends and fans! It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? Sorry about that! I have not been idle, I assure you (I’ve written at least two manuscripts unlikely to see the light of day, fled the path of a … Continue reading

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Everything Drakemaster (or Nearly So)

My latest historical fantasy novel is hitting the shelves! Along with that, are all kinds of podcast, interviews and blogs! So, you can now buy the book! find it on Amazon| Barnes and Noble| Apple| Kobo or order from your … Continue reading

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After “The End”

I have had the experience several times now of reading a book that I am very much enjoying–right up until the end.  Then the work either fizzles out, simply stops, or blatantly kicks me in the teeth (as a reader).  … Continue reading

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Review: Sword of the Ronin

Sword of the Ronin by Travis Heermann My rating: 4 of 5 stars A rich, engaging, morally complex historical fantasy, deeply embedded in Japanese culture. This is the second novel in a series, but I must tell you up front … Continue reading

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To Know the Future

As you know, next week will see the launch of Elisha Barber, and with it, the culmination of a dream which will hopefully lead to many more. Will it be a success? The suspense is killing me! And it makes … Continue reading

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Guest Interview: Gail Z. Martin, author of Ice Forged

It’s been a while since I had a guest on the blog, so I’m excited to host Gail Z. Martin, author of Ice Forged, to tell us a bit more about her work. If you’re into action, character, and rich … Continue reading

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Sowing the Seeds of the Perfect End

I recently submitted a story to an online journal, and received some feedback from the editor, a couple of changes she wanted to see: first, the character’s motivation was unclear, second, the ending didn’t work. Well, motivation’s not too hard, … Continue reading

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