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Dream Big, with Elephants!

One of the comics I have cut out and stuck on my board is a decade-old strip meant for kids, “Mudpie” drawn by Guy Gilchrist, who also does “Nancy.” I’m one of those who reads the whole comics page, whether … Continue reading

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. . . From a Certain Point of View

Hands up everyone who immediately recognized the source of my title quote?  Okay, that was an easy one. In a post a couple weeks ago, I referenced the special difficulty of writing a book in a single point of view … Continue reading

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No More Bad Villains!

During a critique session this weekend, a writer friend said she wanted to know if readers found her protagonist “too stupid to live.”  This is an issue we think about often in relation to our protags, but not often enough … Continue reading

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Writing Down the Darkness: The Evil Within

So the guy next to me on the plane is watching a horror film, one of these creepy, psychological things where guys keep dying in nasty ways—not slasher ways, but more personal, with visions of their loved ones in their … Continue reading

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When Revision Goes Too Far. . .

Just finished a fourth round of revision on the first book.  Empirically speaking, this sounds like too many rounds, to me–I’ve never been keen on revision.  (You may recall my method for revision which involves lots of beer and stomping around … Continue reading

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Forms of Address: What’s in a Name?

I recently had cause to research how to address the Holy Roman Emperor (in my period, there are actually two of them!) and came  across this post on the Edward II blog.  I am a fan of this blog, and … Continue reading

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The Insidious Creeper of Plot Inconsistency

It’s that time of year again–when the poison ivy starts to pop up in all kinds of places and I’m out there with a spray can of my own poison trying to take it down.  Every time, it reminds me … Continue reading

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Why Your Book Stalled at 100 pages

As I talk with other writers, (especially newbies) I often find they have a book (or several) stopped dead at about 100 pages or 25 to 30,000 words.  They have thrown up their hands in despair. This project which once … Continue reading

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Yes, it’s me, still obsessing about revisions.  I got two books at once from the editors, which is kinda handy ’cause I can keep in the right frame of mind.  Except that I turned book 1 back over to them, … Continue reading

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A Twelve-step Program–er–Process for Manuscript Revision Based on the Suggestions of Others

Step 1:  Stomp around the house, kick things (inanimate things only!)  scream that your commenter is insane or stupid or both.  Go for a beer.  Do NOT email your commenter at this time.  Especially if he or she is an editor who … Continue reading

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