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Exit, Pursued by a Bear: Violence in “The Revenant”

I went to see “The Revenant” this past weekend after being encouraged to do so by an acquaintance who knew the film had some relevance to my current writing project. Although I  write about grim and gritty subjects, I felt … Continue reading

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“Shaolin,” an Interesting Approach to Violence

As you may know, I’m currently researching Chinese history for a new project (don’t worry–there’s plenty more Dark Apostle to come as well!). I made a list of topics to research and one of them was the Shaolin Monastery school … Continue reading

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Why We Love Violence

Time Magazine’s March 11 issue features a cover story about Oscar Pistorius, Olympic athlete and accused murderer. A little later on, it includes an article called “Serial Killing” about the addiction of television drama to blood. The link is the … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Sacrifice: It’s not what you think.

On Friday of this week, we are honoring veterans, as we should be honoring them every day.  Even those who don’t support war have come to understand the vital need to support the soldiers themselves, to ensure that returning veterans … Continue reading

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