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Of Druids and Motorcycles

Today is the autumn equinox, when day and night are equal in length, at one time considered an event worthy of note.  Certain groups still observe the occasion, notably, the druids of England.  Their preferred venue is, of course, the … Continue reading

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The Ancient Dead: A Brief History of Barrows in England

One of the things I love about Ordnance Survey Maps is all the little details of history that pop out when you examine them. England features a high concentration of man-made structures, spanning thousands of years, and Ordnance Survey strives … Continue reading

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Henges and the Barber Surgeon

I recently had the opportunity to visit Stonehenge from the inside, on an English Heritage members’ tour that included a walk around a few of the many other sites in the area (Woodhenge, Durrington Walls, King’s Barrow and some Bronze-age … Continue reading

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