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Three-act Structure Eureka!

Okay, I’ve heard about the three-act structure for quite some time, from a variety of sources, and had it sketched out for me in at least one workshop.  Quite frankly, it didn’t seem all that relevant.  But I finally picked … Continue reading

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No More Bad Villains!

During a critique session this weekend, a writer friend said she wanted to know if readers found her protagonist “too stupid to live.”  This is an issue we think about often in relation to our protags, but not often enough … Continue reading

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The Insidious Creeper of Plot Inconsistency

It’s that time of year again–when the poison ivy starts to pop up in all kinds of places and I’m out there with a spray can of my own poison trying to take it down.  Every time, it reminds me … Continue reading

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All a Fantasy Writer Needs

I had the great good fortune to be at the World Science Fiction Convention (commonly known as Worldcon) this past weekend in Reno (hence the dubbing “Renovation”).  Made some comments on my twitter stream with the official hashtag #renosf  I … Continue reading

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The Scooby-Doo Monster Effect

Okay, so maybe it’s been a while since you watched Scooby-doo.  (Maybe you watched it this morning–but I won’t tell anyone).  But you probably recall the basic structure of the program:  The Mystery Kids show up someplace.  They find a … Continue reading

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The Albino’s Wheelbarrow: Taking Inventory of your Fiction Assets

There’s a fun moment in “The Princess Bride” when Inigo is talking Wesley (who has been mostly dead all day) into assaulting the palace–armed only with Fezzik’s strength, Inigo’s steel, and Wesley’s brain.  Against 60 men.  Wesley is not impressed. … Continue reading

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