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A Hobbit Fan’s Ire, More Fierce than Fire

Let me begin by saying that I think films and books are two quite different media, and they are good at different things, so it makes sense that a film of a book will be different from that book. I … Continue reading

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Racism and the Problem of the Hybrid Hero

It has been said that there are really only two plots:  A stranger comes to town, and someone leaves home.  What I want to look at today is the first one, the stranger–but not just any stranger, the stranger who … Continue reading

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The Albino’s Wheelbarrow: Taking Inventory of your Fiction Assets

There’s a fun moment in “The Princess Bride” when Inigo is talking Wesley (who has been mostly dead all day) into assaulting the palace–armed only with Fezzik’s strength, Inigo’s steel, and Wesley’s brain.  Against 60 men.  Wesley is not impressed. … Continue reading

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