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Historical Scenes and Settings: Trier, the Roman Capital of Germany

Not long ago, I did a profile of Aachen, Germany, Charlemagne’s capital city, and one of the unused settings I research for Elisha Mancer, book 4 in The Dark Apostle series.  Today, I’m going further back in time, to a … Continue reading

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The Two Emperors: part I, Louis the Bavarian, the Man who Named his own Pope

During the period when the Dark Apostle novels are set, much of central Europe was consolidated as the Holy Roman Empire (which the wags are fond of pointing out was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire–all valid points, but … Continue reading

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The Bones of the Magi

In my Dark Apostle series about medieval medicine and magic, my secret society of witches refers to themselves as “Magi,” (singular:  magus)  from the Persian word for one with knowledge of Oriental magic and astrology (according to my OED).  Interestingly, … Continue reading

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