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Dream Big, with Elephants!

One of the comics I have cut out and stuck on my board is a decade-old strip meant for kids, “Mudpie” drawn by Guy Gilchrist, who also does “Nancy.” I’m one of those who reads the whole comics page, whether … Continue reading

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The Termite Queen is a friend of mine–and other things you don’t know about me

I wanted to give a shout out to Lorinda J. Taylor, a follower of this blog, who recently nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. You’ll find Lorinda’s blog here.  Lorinda reviews books, analyzes poetry and shares her own writing, … Continue reading

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No More Bad Villains!

During a critique session this weekend, a writer friend said she wanted to know if readers found her protagonist “too stupid to live.”  This is an issue we think about often in relation to our protags, but not often enough … Continue reading

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When Revision Goes Too Far. . .

Just finished a fourth round of revision on the first book.  Empirically speaking, this sounds like too many rounds, to me–I’ve never been keen on revision.  (You may recall my method for revision which involves lots of beer and stomping around … Continue reading

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Dear Author: Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter! (and Rightly so)

I was thrilled last week to get an email from my editor opening the conversation about the actual publication of Elisha Barber, the first book in “The Dark Apostle” series.  It was the moment I’ve been waiting for for years–finally … Continue reading

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The Insidious Creeper of Plot Inconsistency

It’s that time of year again–when the poison ivy starts to pop up in all kinds of places and I’m out there with a spray can of my own poison trying to take it down.  Every time, it reminds me … Continue reading

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Review: The Man Who Loved China: Joseph Needham & the Making of a Masterpiece

The Man Who Loved China: Joseph Needham & the Making of a Masterpiece by Simon Winchester My rating: 5 of 5 stars A thoroughly entertaining background to the creation of one of the world’s great series on the history of … Continue reading

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The Writer’s First Job: Why Should I Care?

Again last night, I tossed aside a book after reading a couple of chapters and flipping idly through the ending to see if it turned out as I expected.  The book seemed pretty well written, the setting was clear, characters … Continue reading

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Interviewing Fantasy Author Benjamin Tate, part 2

I now return you to our chat with Benjamin Tate/ Joshua Palmatier, with his new book, Leaves of Flame. 3.  What’s your first-draft process?  outline, edit as you go, speed-writing? That is my first-draft process:  sit down and write, see … Continue reading

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Q&A with fantasy author Ben Tate (also known as Josh Palmatier)

I had the good fortune to meet Ben (or was that Josh?) at Albacon a few years ago, and am pleased to renew our acquaintaince!  You may have read his Skewed Throne series–if you haven’t picked up Well of Sorrows, … Continue reading

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