Looking Behind: Re-booting a Fantasy (or a fantasy re-boot?)

Hey, E. C., haven’t heard from you in a while–what are you working on?

I am excited to announce that I’ll have two books coming out this summer!

When Elisha Daemon came out last year, I was thrilled to finally deliver to you the series ending I had envisioned so many years ago. It was also sad and strange to have to say good-bye to Elisha because he wouldn’t be living in my head every day as he had been since we first met more than 10 years ago.  What would happen next? Where would I go after Elisha?

As Gandalf said when questioned by Bilbo about where he’d gone:  Looking ahead.  And what brought him back in the nick of time?  Looking behind.

The original cover of the Singer’s Crown, by artist Aaron Campbell

Today’s post is about looking behind, specifically to my first published novel, The Singer’s Crown. This traditional fantasy novel is a touch more gentle than the Dark Apostle books (not much medieval surgery, for example.  No necromancers 🙂  which is one reason why I used different names for the two series.  The Singer’s Crown is a dispossessed prince tale, with a twist. It was first published by Eos (Harper Collins) in 2005, and finally reverted to me last year.  Now, I’m kickstarting the re-boot of the series, now dubbed The Singer’s Legacy.  I’d appreciate your support by clicking that link or sharing this post–and doubly grateful if you could do both!  The big cover reveal is tomorrow!

Here’s a blurb about the book:

When his uncle murders his family to take the throne, Prince Kattanan DuRhys is the only royal left alive. . . at a terrible cost.  Stripped of his manhood, Kattanan travels as a court singer from one wealthy patron to the next.  Given as a courtship gift to the young Princess Melisande, Kattanan feels the stirring of emotions he thought were denied him. But her jealous fiancée has other plans–and the sinister magic to carry them out.

Must Kattanan sacrifice his song to win his kingdom, and the woman he loves?

Fans of Mercedes Lackey and Robin Hobb are likely to enjoy this one!

But wait–I mentioned I was looking both ahead and behind.  What’s ahead?  Bone Guard Two: The Nazi Skull. You asked for it–you waited for it–and in July, it can be yours!  But that’s another post for another day. . .

Thanks so much for reading!

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I spend as much time in my office as I possibly can--thinking up terrible things to do to people who don't exist.
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