Elisha Daemon Launch Day!

Today’s the day! Not only is this the launch for Elisha Daemon, but this book is the final volume in the series!  If you’ve been waiting to get all five books in hand before you read, it’s time to start. And if, like me, you’ve been waiting years for this moment–then dive in!

You can buy now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or find your local independent store through Indiebound

Here are some of the blog entries I’ve written that informed this work, yes, including my very first blog entry ever, a Grinchy Idea. . .

Which of course relates to How I Learned to love my outline

And in terms of research, here are some of my footnotes:

The problems with Medieval usage and the Plague

And how to deal with the Walking Dead in the Middle Ages

In this volume, Elisha goes to medical school at last, and is given an unwelcome refresher about the hierarchy of medical practice.

And gets to meet papal physician Guy de Chauliac, one of the most influential surgeons of the day.

He will also travel to Avignon, to visit the Pope Clement IV, and learn a thing or two about religion in service to his efforts against the injustice and prejudice of his time before perhaps becoming a victim of it.

I’m also running a giveaway.  If you post a photo of all five Elisha books on your shelf or kindle, I’ll send you a link to download the Dark Apostle prequel novella, Grail Maiden, for free!  Use #darkapostle and be sure to tag me (on Facebook or Twitter) or send me the link!

Thanks so much for reading!

If you’re inspired to buy now, here’s the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Indiebound!




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