Cover Reveal: Elisha Daemon!

Coming February 6, 2018, the fifth and final volume of the Dark Apostle!  Check it out:

Cliff Nielsen’s gorgeous cover art for Elisha Daemon

Just as Elisha thinks he might defeat his enemies, they unleash two terrible weapons:  the holy woman who used to love him, and the greatest plague the world has ever known.

Winter, 1348. Plague ravages Europe and the necromancers’ power grows with every death as the people sink into despair.  Some revel in society’s collapse while others take out their terror on innocents and spread the violence further.  While his allies stalk the mancers using new weapons that can sever magic, Elisha draws the eye of Count Vertuollo, the master of Rome who seeks vengeance for the death of his son.  Elisha pursues the trail of dark magic to the one place he never imagined he’d go:  medical school.

Enemies old and new unite to destroy Elisha’s reputation and keep him from the truth about the plague.  The Church loses its hold upon the faithful, with riots in the streets as too many prayers go unanswered.  A demon-haunted child, a secret magus who walks at night, a library rich with medical knowledge—any one of them might hold the key, but when one of his accusers ends up on the dissection table, Elisha’s education must come to an end.  When the pope himself starts to believe the End Times are coming, Elisha faces a terrible bargain:  save his beloved England, and let Europe burn; or risk everything on a spell that will either bring down the necromancers’ reign, or give them the means to rule forever.

In this final chapter of The Dark Apostle series, Europe awaits its apocalypse, and one man could shift the balance from disaster.  In this time of saints and sinners, could he be the savior so desperately needed, or will he rise Elisha Daemon?

Be among the first to read the thrilling (I hope!) conclusion to Elisha’s adventures.  Pre-order now through your local independent bookstore at IndieboundBarnes & Noble, or at

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