Dark Apostle News. . . or Not

Most of the time, this blog focuses on areas of research and musing about things both medieval and fantastical, but from time to time it also includes updates about my novels for the benefit of the fans out there.

Guardians at Heidelberg Castle

Guardians at Heidelberg Castle framing a void

Up until now, the Dark Apostle books have enjoyed an annual summer release, the first week in July, which means that I would now be leading up to the launch date announcement, where I link to my on-line footnotes to the book, after doing a cover reveal, and posting a plot blurb and all of that good stuff.  Alas, though I turned in book four in April of 2015, there have been some delays on the publisher’s end, so the book will not be a summer release after all.  The current plan is to launch book four in February, in time for Boskone–making one of my favorite conventions that much more exciting.

But hey, I can still post some footnotes, and give you some things to speculate on.  Book four is entitled Elisha Mancer, and moves Elisha’s journey to the continent, primarily the Holy Roman Empire (Germany, mostly) and Rome, as he tracks down the conspiracy of necromancers who plan to bring Europe to ruin.

You’ll visit destinations like  Trier and Heidelberg.

Meet striking characters based on historical figures from the 1340’s like Charles IV and Louis IV, the dual (and dueling) emperors, and the extraordinary Cola di Rienzi, the madman who ruled Rome.

Go underground in a medieval salt mine and so much more!

And yes, there are other hints hidden throughout my last year of blogging but that would be telling. . .


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