Elisha Magus Book Day! With footnotes. . .

Hello, all,
it’s the day I’ve been anticipating for at least a year–the release day for Elisha Magus, book 2 in my Dark Apostle series.

Cover of Elisha Magus, by amazing artist, Cliff Nielsen

Cover of Elisha Magus, by amazing artist, Cliff Nielsen

In the past year, some of my blog entries have been of the sort I consider footnotes to the text–they talk about historical details or choices related to the book itself. For those of you who’d like to follow along, here are some of those links, so that you can insert these tidbits as you enjoy the text, or return here afterward to learn more about some of the settings in Elisha Magus. As you know, research is a large part of the fun for me–I can’t use everything I learn, but I’m often informed by it as I write.

A brief history of barrows

The two death markers of William Rufus

Medieval wall-painting

Researching what blooms in an English medieval garden

The Traitor’s Gate (file this under “sirs not appearing in this book”)


Myself, I will be sharing the book with my local audience at the Farmer’s Market here in town (dressed in my barber-surgeon outfit, complete with tools and bloody handprints–should be fun!).

You can also find me celebrating the book at the Toadstool Bookshop in Milford, NH on July 10 from 6 to 8 pm

and sharing the stage with the amazing Carol Berg at the Old Firehouse Bookshop in Fort Collins, CO on July 25th at 7 pm.

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I spend as much time in my office as I possibly can--thinking up terrible things to do to people who don't exist.
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3 Responses to Elisha Magus Book Day! With footnotes. . .

  1. I like a writer who knows her barrows.

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