T minus 365 Days and Counting!

Today, Elisha Barber is negative one year old.  Woo-hoo!  And yikes!  I have a lot of work to do.  One year from now, I’ll be enthusiastically trumpeting my book release from every place I can think of.  Hopefully, before that, people will have been hearing about and reading about my book on review sites, blogs and even in print (assuming there are still newspapers and magazines a year from now :-))

Which means that it’s time for me to get rolling on the publicity. Now?  Yes, now.  I’ll hope to have some short stories published, maybe even a couple that tie in to the book.  I’ve started to get some articles out there about the kinds of things that interest me, and that may attract readers to the book.  I’ve already had a casual chat with my local indie store about a release party.

Before even all of that, I’ll be writing some other authors to ask for blurbs that will help the book attract attention from the right readers.  I need to get a few of next year’s conventions on my calendar and see how to get in touch with the organizers to let them know I’ll attend and ask if I can be on panels.  I’ll be thinking about what kind of giveaways or promotional items I need (got bookmarks?  Yep!) and how and when to have them made.  I’ll be cultivating contacts in areas where I might find different audiences:  medical students, medievalists, gamers, black powder weapon buffs.

Blog tours, teaser chapters, Goodreads giveaways–That’s a pretty long list already. . . I’d better get started!

About E. C. Ambrose

I spend as much time in my office as I possibly can--thinking up terrible things to do to people who don't exist.
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