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A Twelve-step Program–er–Process for Manuscript Revision Based on the Suggestions of Others

Step 1:  Stomp around the house, kick things (inanimate things only!)  scream that your commenter is insane or stupid or both.  Go for a beer.  Do NOT email your commenter at this time.  Especially if he or she is an editor who … Continue reading

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Smarten up, Museums–don’t Dumb it Down!

One thing that pisses me off about museums and historical sites is when they don’t have any documentation of the truly unique aspects of their collection.  No catalogs, monographs, research or historical books in a gift store filled with stuff for … Continue reading

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Folding, Spindling, and Mutilating History

Why can’t history just do what I want it to, sometimes?  It’s like it’s set in stone or something.  I wonder if there are time travel stories about authors going back to try to get things to turn out right … Continue reading

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