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Review: The Man Who Loved China: Joseph Needham & the Making of a Masterpiece

The Man Who Loved China: Joseph Needham & the Making of a Masterpiece by Simon Winchester My rating: 5 of 5 stars A thoroughly entertaining background to the creation of one of the world’s great series on the history of … Continue reading

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How much God is Enough in a Fantasy?

At my last convention, I was accused–by a member of my own writer’s group, no less!–of not having enough religion in my work.  The writer was going on about how *nobody* includes enough religion in their medieval fantasy!  Including you–(he points … Continue reading

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The Writer’s First Job: Why Should I Care?

Again last night, I tossed aside a book after reading a couple of chapters and flipping idly through the ending to see if it turned out as I expected.  The book seemed pretty well written, the setting was clear, characters … Continue reading

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The Palimpsest of History

One reason I love London is that you can be looking out the window at a bus stop and see this: The juxtaposition of old and new fascinates me.  Rome is great this way, too, though the history there tends to … Continue reading

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