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Is your Manuscript a Zombie?

Finishing a book is always a bittersweet experience, both as an author and as a reader.  The reader completing an enjoyable read feels both fulfilled by the work, and sorry to see that it’s over.  If it’s a series novel, … Continue reading

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945th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings

Huzzah! Okay, so it’s hard to know if a battle should be celebrated, exactly.  Commemorated, perhaps?  But it’s been 945 years since a Norman duke landed in Hastings, England and succeeded, through a variety of means both brutal and practical, … Continue reading

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An Out-of-Coffee-Shop Experience

So I know some writers who always write at coffee shops or libraries–perhaps because their homes are so insane that they concentrate better out there.  Others insist they could never write at a place like that because it would be … Continue reading

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