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Getting in Trouble

In her book Writing Fiction, Janet Burroway states that “Only trouble is interesting.”  And I’ve lately been realizing how right she is.  In the book I’m currently revising, I’ve realized that one major issue is the character isn’t in trouble. … Continue reading

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Darkly Dreaming, in the Elevator

One of the things I try to do when I write is to look for the right metaphors that not only capture something essential about whatever I’m referring to, but also suit the narrative voice of the story.  This is … Continue reading

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The Albino’s Wheelbarrow: Taking Inventory of your Fiction Assets

There’s a fun moment in “The Princess Bride” when Inigo is talking Wesley (who has been mostly dead all day) into assaulting the palace–armed only with Fezzik’s strength, Inigo’s steel, and Wesley’s brain.  Against 60 men.  Wesley is not impressed. … Continue reading

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