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Sex and Violence and George R. R. Martin

Those of you blessed with cable television (or cursed with it, depending on your point of view) are now having the opportunity to discover Martin’s “Game of Thrones” as a miniseries.  The work itself is hardly mini, as fantasy readers … Continue reading

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Talking with Nancy Fulda, winner of the Jim Baen Memorial Award

Nancy Fulda is an up-and-coming author with some great short fiction out there, and a novel in progress–often based on some very interesting science ideas. 1.  What was the inception of the project you’re most excited about?  What were your … Continue reading

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Curing what Ailed you?

I recently had the chance to visit the Apothecary Museum at Heidelberg Castle, a fascinating and free museum with several re-created pharmacists’ offices of different eras, and a great room full of actual ingredients ranging from exotic fruits, nuts and … Continue reading

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love my Outline

I have not always been an outliner. Like many, I had a superstitious fear of revealing the endings of stories, even to myself, for fear that it would suck the joy out of writing them.  Rather I was, as the … Continue reading

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